A Mansion’s Worth of Art in Houston

A Mansion’s Worth of Art in Houston

It’s hard to find a hobby quite as influential art. Whether you’re a fan anything from  hand-drawn sketches to contemporary photos and digital artwork, you can explore a mansion’s worth of art in Houston near Alexan Memorial. Luxury doesn’t end at your doorstep here.

Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

In addition to the central Museum of Fine Arts, the Rienzi is a collection of European artworks and home décor from various time periods, all located within a picturesque five-acre mansion across from Buffalo Bayou. It’s located only one mile away from our luxury apartments, and you can even take the bus from Shepard Dr. to Dickson St. to save on gas and parking.

A Whole New Way to Explore Art

The Rienzi was originally a residential mansion built in 1952, owned by Caroll and Harris Masterson and designed by Houston architect John Staub, until it was sold and opened to the public in 1999. It has since featured a fantastic private collection of European decorative arts, ranging from classic paintings to delicate porcelain and miniatures. 

Get Creative in a Beautiful Environment

Want to find your own creative muse? Every second Saturday, the Rienzi offers a special Studio Saturday Event, guided by art enthusiasts who help attendees polish the basics of drawing and sketching. Best of all, aspiring artists of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to attend, and supplies will be available for all attendees.

See a mansion’s worth of art in Houston near Alexan Memorial. Explore Rienzi and our Houston luxury apartments this weekend.