Boost Your Body at Alexan Memorial

Boost Your Body at Alexan Memorial

Being your best self is part of an elevated lifestyle. So boost your body at Alexan Memorial with easy access to various fitness options. Whether you like modern equipment or the spaciousness of outdoor trails, you can do it all at Alexan Memorial. Better still, once you finish your workouts, there are plenty of fun community amenities to relax and unwind. Start living better.

Boost Your Fitness

Decompress after work with a blazing workout in the Athletic Club, offering cardio and strength training equipment. Make your gains in time for your summer vacation. Mix things up with a session in the yoga or spin cycle studio. There is also a lap pool with views of Bayou Park that always gets your heart pounding.

Never a Dull Workout

Convenient bike storage lets you pull your two-wheeler and spin around your new neighborhood. There is also nearby Bayou Park when you want a change of scenery with your cardio. Not all your cardio has to be intense. Relax by the resort-style pool and forget about your lap time. A tanning ledge and shaded cabanas add to the resort feel.

Alexan Living

Hassle-free living is a significant perk at Alexan Memorial that begins with peace of mind. Max out your grocery and Amazon apps and trust everything will be safe and sound thanks to the large parcel and unique perishable grocery cold storage. There are also dry-clean lockers when you need to be wrinkle-free and pressed for success.

Boost your body at Alexan Memorial with fantastic workouts and amenities to help you unwind. So schedule your tour and live better today!