Moroccan pancakes - pic by Annie G. on Yelp - Dine-In at Zoa Moroccan Kitchen

Dine-In at Zoa Moroccan Kitchen

Houston has an evolving restaurant scene and hosts cuisines from all over the world. As soon as you settle into your new home at Alexan Memorial, you have to try dine-in at Zoa Moroccan Kitchen. Take your time to explore every dish on the menu, and you won’t be disappointed. Zoa Moroccan Kitchen should be your go-to place for date night or even a night out with friends. If you opt for takeout, you can eat your cake and have it too by dining in the perfect comfort of your new luxury apartment home. Dive into your dish and comfy apartment amenities on the same night. You can also enjoy yourself with fun community amenities. Start living the lifestyle you deserve and stop missing out. Find your home at Alexan Memorial.

Zoa Moroccan Kitchen

Houston is an international city, so it’s only appropriate to have authentic Moroccan food on hand. You won’t be disappointed when you try Zoe Moroccan Kitchen no matter what you choose from the menu. Mateusz G. sums it up nicely on Yelp, “Absolutely incredible food! Everything super fresh and super flavorful! A lot of healthy options if you are looking for something good for your body. The service was very friendly. He explained to us all the foods that we didn’t know about so we were able to customize our meal exactly the way we wanted! On top of it when we were done with our meal we got complementary Moroccan pancakes for sticking around and enjoying the food in the little, cute dining area. We finished our meal with a pistachio cookie, just WOW, and espressos. Absolutely recommend this place!!!” Delicious!

Enjoy dine-in at Zoa Moroccan Kitchen and celebrate your move to Alexan Memorial, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. Start living the way you have always wanted to – in pure comfort.