Luxury Finishes and Smart Tech at Alexan Memorial

Luxury Finishes and Smart Tech at Alexan Memorial

Stop dreaming and start living the lifestyle you crave. Indulge in luxury finishes and smart tech at Alexan Memorial, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. How long have you been putting off treating yourself? Dive into the deep end of luxury in your new home. You will never get bored with fun community amenities and exploring Houston with your friends. Make your move today!

Smart Tech at Alexan Memorial

Smart tech makes your life easier, and it’s closer than you think. You expect USB charging ports, keyless entry, and WiFi-enabled thermostats. But have you thought about your kitchen? Challenging recipes are easier to manage with a front-control gas range. Put your leftovers in your side-by-side refrigerator with in-door ice and your dirty plates in the handy dishwasher.

Luxury Finishes in Houston

Not every feature needs electricity. Walk effortlessly over engineered wood flooring that’s low maintenance. Quartz countertops in your kitchen and bath are a special touch you never tire of. Turning your shower into a spa session is easy when you’re surrounded by floor-to-ceiling tile and have a rain shower head.

Luxury Apartment Amenities

But what makes Alexan Memorial different are luxury apartment amenities with a special touch. Depending on the unit you choose, you get the convenience of a mudroom and a balcony or patio. Do you need an excuse to spend some time on your balcony?

Luxury finishes and smart tech at Alexan Memorial. Find the apartment home of your dreams and start living the life you deserve today.