Outstanding One-Bedroom Luxury

Outstanding One-Bedroom Luxury

Who doesn’t like generous space to stretch and roll around in their own home? No matter what you may need your elbow room for, our outstanding one-bedroom luxury at Alexan Memorial will ensure that you have plenty of room to spare. Find the home you are looking for right here.

A14: A Welcoming One-Bedroom Apartment

The A14 one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan is one of the largest of its kind, featuring at least 873 square feet of living space as well as all our iconic interior amenities. It’s the perfect fit for people who want to fit in anything from their hobbies to their friends in their daily routines.

Boundless Leisure 

For starters, the gigantic living room gives you the freedom to spend your free time as you please. Set up a corner office and work in the comfort of home, make an awesome party spread and invite loved ones over for games and drinks, make a filling meal for family in the open concept kitchen, or even start a morning workout routine in front of the TV.

Home Organization Made Easy

Finally, we offer several storage options to keep your home clutter-free. The expansive walk-in closet in the bedroom, for example, lets you sort out all your outfits and accessories by color or season, while our oversized pantry is perfect for growing your palate and snack horde. 

Give yourself some breathing room with outstanding one-bedroom luxury at Alexan Memorial. Contact us today to take a closer look at our one-bedroom luxury apartments in Houston.