Station Museum of Contemporary Art - pic by Zo M. on Yelp

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

A major perk of your desirable Alexan Memorial address is easy access to Houston’s best. But no matter what your vibe is, you can always find fun and exciting things to do. Click on the Neighborhood tab on the Alexan Memorial website for a list of local attractions like the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, including restaurants, entertainment, and places that make life easy and fun. Life is better at Alexan Memorial.

Feast Your Eyes

The Station Museum of Contemporary Art features Houston’s diverse communities and artistic works. In their words, “The Station Museum of Contemporary Art is an exhibition forum for local, national, and international artists, emphasizing fine arts that reflect the cultural diversity of Houston’s communities. The museum has held comprehensive exhibitions from Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Congo, South Africa, Czech Republic, Austria, Palestine, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, and Russia. As an institution that supports local and Texas art, the Station has organized significant solo exhibitions by Mel Chin, James Drake, Dick Wray, Jesse Lott, and George Smith, and group exhibitions that bring Texas artists together with national and international artists.”

Neighborhood Perks

Douglas V. shares“Some works here tackle social/political issues. Overall the space may be small, but the collection changes frequently. There is a donation jar in the front, so feel free to drop a dollar or two if you’re a good person. Which I know you are, so do it! If you are interested in more thought-provoking contemporary artwork, visit the Station Museum.”

Explore Houston

What will you discover during your first weekend at Alexan Memorial? The Neighborhood tab is only the beginning. Not only will you find lots of fun, but also the spots you need to keep life running, like banks and grocery stores. Whatever lifestyle you like to live, whether laid back or life on the go, you can find it at Alexan Memorial.

Explore the Station Museum of Contemporary Art your first weekend at Alexan Memorial. Schedule your apartment tour today and make your move into upscale living.