Tasty Vibes

Tasty Vibes at ZOA Moroccan Kitchen

Put finding your favorite restaurant at the top of your to-do list after moving in at Alexan Memorial. Finish decorating your new Houston luxury digs, then hit the town. Your luxury apartment at Alexan Memorial is the ideal launchpad for countless adventures with your friends. Sample the best dining, shopping, and entertainment Houston has to offer. Your downtime is about to get a serious upgrade.

Tasty Vibes near Alexan Memorial

Chef Youssef Nafaa has a vision for ZOA Moroccan Kitchen. In his own words, “Every chef has their heart. ZOA is my Heart. Let me tell you why. I live for creating vibrant, culturally authentic food, and you can see that in many of my restaurants. This time though, I wanted to do something different. I want to make vibrant, culturally authentic food for the world of affordable, fast-casual dining. For the foodie. For the culinary curious and adventurous. This is the mission of ZOA Eateries. And I thought, what better way to introduce this ideal than with my very own culture?”

ZOA Moroccan Kitchen in Houston

Of course, they have their fans. Brian T. shares on Yelp, “Think of this as a Mediterranean-style build-your-own bowl shop where you can “make” your own lunch/dinner using unique ingredients. I thought this bowl was delicious and filling, but healthy too! A win-win. All of the ingredients worked well together, and the flavors all blended perfectly. You can tell they marinate their meats well…the lamb especially had a lot of flavor and moisture.”

Go Where the Adventure Leads You

What will be on your menu once you make your move to Alexan Memorial? Go where the adventure leads you and never look back. No matter where you explore with your friends, you can rely on the comforts of your new luxury apartment home when you return. Be bold and live well.

Enjoy tasty vibes at ZOA Moroccan Kitchen and many other restaurants when you live at Alexan Memorial, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. High-end living doesn’t end at your door. Come and see what’s in store.