Tex-Mex for Everyone in Houston

Tex-Mex for Everyone in Houston

Nothing quite brings everyone you love together like a great meal. Enjoy Tex-Mex for everyone in Houston when you live at Alexan Memorial. Enjoy plenty of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners together with friends and family when you live here.  Whether on your own kitchen table or at any nearby restaurant in our Houston neighborhood, food is about friends and family.

El Tiempo Cantina on Washington

El Tiempo Cantina is a local Houston restaurant chain that prides itself on big food, big flavors, and of course a big, welcoming environment for groups of all sizes. Their closest location to our luxury apartments is only one and a half miles away, so you can drive to their front doors in five minutes or less.

A Delicious and Diverse Menu

The menu at El Tiempo has all your Tex-Mex cuisine favorites, as well as others that may soon become your new favorite. If you’d like something light, try out their mango jicama salad with diced strawberries or their classic ranchera chicken nachos. Need something more to fill the stomach? Enjoy their sizzling hot ahi tuna fajitas or their full parrillada self-serve fajita kits.

Take the Flavor Home

Looking to bring some of their iconic dishes to your own table? El Tiempo offers fajita party packs which include your choice of protein, red and green salsa with chips, beans and rice, and veggies to fill the belly. They also offer many of their proteins and sides in bulk, perfect for parties and family gatherings.

Gather together with Tex-Mex for everyone in Houston at El Tiempo Cantina when you live at Alexan Memorial. Add some spice to your life and start enjoying premium luxury today!