Houston Apartments

Smart Modern Living at Our Houston Apartments

The saying “work smart, not hard” should extend far beyond the work space. We at Alexan Memorial deck all of our luxury Houston apartments with the amenities you could ever want to build your ideal comfort zone, whether by cutting down your errand list or by catching up on much-needed rest, so you can feel right at home at any time.

Keep a Comfy Home Environment

For starters, our luxury apartments have several tools to fend off the hottest summers or coldest winters. Our smart wi-fi enabled thermostats allow you to moderate your home temperature even while you’re away from home, perfect for saving electricity while you’re away or prepping your home before you come back. We also have ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms, as well as solar shades on every window.

Cook with Finesse in the Kitchen

Our contemporary kitchens are designed for chefs of any skill level. Cook meals and snacks of all kinds with ease with our stainless-steel appliances, and clean off cookware and groceries in our farmhouse kitchen sink. We also have oversized customer cabinetry and beautiful granite or quartz countertops to make your kitchen pop.

Recharge Your Batteries

Finally, no longer do you have to struggle with charging your phone or tablet. Our luxury apartments have USB outlets installed in every room, so you can plug right in and lounge out in our living room, bedrooms, or airy private balcony.

Give yourself the best of modern living here at Alexan Memorial. Come and see our luxury Houston apartments for yourself.